How to flash the Realme firmware (stock rom)?

The OPPO Firmware Flash File will help you Upgrade, Downgrade, or re-install the Stock Firmware (OS) on your Mobile Device. In addition, the OPPO Flash File (ROM) also enables you to repair the Mobile device if facing any Software Issue, Bootloop Issue, IMEI Issue, or Dead Issue. Thanks visit my blog !

Before starting to explain to you the how-to update firmware on Realme phones, you have to follow a few guidelines. These are important if you want the installation to be successful.


  • Maintain the battery charge of your smartphone at 50% or more before updating the software.
  • Always make sure to backup your device data. To do it, go to Settings >Additional Settings >Back Up and Reset->Backup & Restoreselect the Data to Be Backed up.
  • Don’t switch your phone off while you are installing the update. (unless you’re updating via recovery)
  • Ensure that you are downloading the right firmware for the right Realme device. Otherwise installing the wrong firmware on a phone can cause trouble.

Installing Firmware Updates

There are basically two ways by which you can manually Flash Realme Firmware on a Realme phone. Both the process requires you to download the latest firmware zip file for the respective Realme device you are using.

1. Update Realme Software (via OTA)

  • First, connect your device to a working Wi-Fi network. The system will automatically show a new software update is available (if any). Now, you can see a notification on the ‘System updates’ icon.
    • If your device firmware is already updated, then it will show “It is already the latest version”.
  • Then download the firmware by following on-screen instructions.
  • Tap on the System Updates option. Your device will reboot and start updating the installed firmware version.
  • It will take a few minutes. You’re done.

But if in case, your device hasn’t received any OTA update, you can follow the second method which is recommended for all.

2. Update Realme Software via Simple Mode [Recommended]

Step-1 Download the firmware for your Realme device

Step-2 Move the downloaded firmware to the phone storage

Step-3 Now go to the File Manager and to the folder where you moved the firmware in the previous step

Step-4 Now, tap on the firmware > tap Update Now

As the update installation begins you have to wait for a while. The device may reboot on its own after successfully finishing the installation. Otherwise, you can manually restart it.

3. Update Realme Software via Recovery Mode

Step-1 Download the correct firmware for your Realme smartphone.

Step-2 Move the downloaded firmware to the phone storage or to the external storage such as the SD card.

Step-3 Switch off the phone

Step-4 Press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons. Your phone will now enter Recovery Mode.

Step-5 Choose your choice of language

Step-6 Under ColorOS recovery, tap on Install from Storage Device.

Step-7 Depending upon whether you kept the firmware in SD card or phone internal storage, select the firmware zip file.

Step-8 Tap on the firmware to confirm and begin the installation.

Now, there is another third alternative to this. In case, you think that you are not able to Flash Realme Firmware update or you are not sure how to do it, then it’s time to get things done officially. We recommend that you back up your device as mentioned above and go to your nearby service center and get a professional service representative to update the firmware. However, you may be charged for the services they provide.


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